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No place for dirty politics in fisheries

The Government’s response to new revelations that one of the country’s biggest fishing companies, Talley’s, and its managing director has donated tens of thousands of undisclosed dollars to the New Zealand First Foundation is unacceptable.

2019 was the second-hottest year on record

2019 has been confirmed the second hottest year on record globally and the warmest year ever for the world’s oceans, rounding out the hottest decade in recorded history, as greenhouse

The Flying Mobula Rays

Mobula rays make a habit of leaping out of the ocean in amazing acrobatic form, particularly when they gather in groups This behaviour is still poorly understood by scientists however possible reasons include communication, courtship, feeding, and even a behaviour to parasite removal.

For a Plastic-Free Christmas

We’ve shared our top tips for having a plastic-free, sustainable Christmas so you can stay environmentally conscious during this festive season at ease.

Our Marine Environment

New Zealand lives and breathes its ocean. It’s the core of our identity, survival, quality of life and even our economy. Tangata whenua have a strong affinity to the ocean,

Fishing Industry Spin on Maui Dolphin

A series of full page advertisements in the Dominion Post by Seafood NZ is suggestive of an industry throwing its weight and money behind a ‘lip service’ campaign to reassure the public of a sustainable industry. Science Advisor for Our Seas Our Future, Veronica Rotman, provides some feedback to these Seafood NZ advertisements..

Our Seas Our Future Joins Team Red

You can join our Team Red team by using your NZ Blood App, and adding yourself to the Our Seas Our Future Team Red under “My Profile”. Your donation count will then be counted with all the other members in our Team. It is that easy!

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