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Single-Use Plastics Campaigns

OSOF has been campaigning for marine plastic pollution to be addressed by government, industry, and consumers, with our first petition being initiated and presented to the House of Representatives in 2014 and a Select Committee in 2015.

Our Plastic Free New Zealand brand provides a platform on which we have continued working to change public perceptions on how we think about single-use plastics and on ways to make better, informed choices.

In addition to the work under our PFNZ brand, OSOF has collaborated on campaigns to phase-out single-use plastics with a number of organisations, groups, and individuals. Below are a select few collaborations that we have aligned with during our campaigns on single-use plastics.


Petition 2014/22 – Report of the Local Government and Environment Committee


Alliance membership to the Boomerang Alliance


Statement for Global Instrument – Open Letter

Ban the Bag – Open Letter

Kiwi Bottle Drive – Open Letter


Reducing the impact of plastic on our environment – moving away from hard-to recycle and single-use items – Submission


Alliance membership to the ANZPAC Plastics Pact