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Many people are well aware of the environmental challenges that we face as a species, and how our human actions are impacting our planet as a whole. But often times we find it hard to take on new behaviours, even when we know those behaviours will reduce our personal environmental impacts. There are lots of reasons for this including a lack of time, money, information and supportive social norms.

There are ways to overcome our reluctance to change, one of which is to try out new behaviours in a positive and supportive place. It’s even better if you can try out new behaviours together with other people. Our family and friends have an incredible amount of influence over what we do, whether we want to believe it or not. We are social beings, and for the most part we want to fit in and be accepted by our community. If the community around us has sustainable behaviours as part of their everyday actions, we are more likely to join in.

What is the OSOF Sustainable Me Challenge?

Each month you will be challenged to test out an environmentally-friendly behaviour that in some way impacts ocean health. Give it a go for one month and see if you like it. If it’s something you can get on board with, great! Adopt it as part of your regular routine. If it’s a behavior that doesn’t work for you, that’s ok. After 12 months and 12 activities, you just might have a few new actions to add to your sustainability portfolio. If possible, rope a couple of friends or family members into participating with you. The more support you have, the more likely you are to keep up with the behaviours for a full month – enough time to decide whether or not it’s something you can take up for the long term.

If you’re already an eco-warrior, great! Each month’s activity will have two levels – one for beginners and one for people ready to step it up a notch. And if the advanced level isn’t enough, feel free to adapt the challenge to work for you and tell us what you did.

Share a photo on social media of yourself taking part in that month’s challenge and include the hashtag #OSOFSustainableMe, and we could feature your efforts on our page. Check out the OSOF Sustainable Me Challenges below and challenge yourself…



Each month you will be challenged to test out an environmentally-friendly behaviour that in some way impacts ocean health. Give it a go for one month and see if you…


Welcome to the first month of the OSOF Sustainability Challenge, 2019! This month’s challenge takes place in our restaurants and cafes.


All across New Zealand, February is Bike Month. So this time around, it’s all about transportation. How do you get to work? To school? To the store? To the beach?


Welcome to March! This month’s challenge takes place in your bathroom...


May goal: To reduce your overall energy use by taking an energy break. Will you accept the challenge?


If you’re trying to do your part for the environment, getting rid of single-use items (especially non-recyclable single-use items) is high on your list. But there’s one item in this…


Welcome to Plastic-free July! This month’s challenge takes place in nearly every aspect of your life…


This month’s challenge takes place in your pipes...water pipes that is...


This month’s #OSOFSustainableMe challenge takes place in your cleaning cupboard…


Welcome to October! This month’s #OSOFSustainableMe challenge takes place on your dinner plate…