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New Zealand Shark Alliance

The NZ Shark Alliance is an umbrella group of Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), united in a campaign to ban shark finning in New Zealand waters and protect our sharks.

The alliance is fighting to bring NZ shark laws in line with other countries. The alliance is insisting that if the fishing industry is going to catch sharks that they do it sustainably. The sharks are killed and brought to shore complete with their fins naturally attached (FNA). This internationally-recommended approach will cease the extremely wasteful practice of only slaughtering sharks for their fins, strengthen laws against live finning and promote long-term sustainable fishing.

OSOF is an alliance member with independent groups like Greenpeace, WWF, Forest & Bird, Dive New Zealand and several other organisations.

New Zealand Shark Alliance – Press Releases on Scoop

This campaign is now complete, and successfully helped change the laws in 2014 to enable better protection of sharks in New Zealand.