Ecosystem Protection Campaigns

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OSOF has been campaigning for improved protection and conservation of marine and coastal ecosystems for a number of years. We have provided our collaborative support to a number of organisations working to improve protection and conservation of oceanic ecosystems.

Our More Marine Reserves brand provides a platform on which we work with organisations to improve protection and conservation of oceanic ecosystems.

Below are a select few collaborations that we have aligned with during our work on ecosystem protection.


OSOF is an alliance member of the Deep Sea Conservation Alliance and collaborates on projects to further conservation efforts to protect fragile deep-sea life.

Proposed Rule, Pacific Coast Groundfish Fishery Management Plan Amendment 28 (NOAA-NMFS-2019-0039)


Submission on the Proposed south-east marine protection network, New Zealand


Open letter – Protecting the sea floor from bottom trawling impacts under the Fisheries Act 1996

Open Letter to UK government on deep sea mining ahead of G7 summit

Save deep sea corals – Ban bottom trawling on seamounts