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Coastal Clean-up Events

*Estimated volume of trash diverted away from the ocean

Our coastal clean-up events are organised on a regular basis, and they provide an opportunity for local communities, groups, and individuals to meet like-minded people, have fun, and clean up their local environment. Major OSOF clean-up events usually coincide with key events throughout the year. OSOF can organise smaller clean-up events throughout the year as needed, so keep up to date with our current events on social media or contact us.

* The counter on this page represents an estimated total volume of trash in litres diverted away from our ocean through OSOF collaborative and outreach events, and through the loan of cleanup kits.

Visit the OSOF events page to find out about our events.

Why do we clean up our coast?

Every year, hundreds of tonnes of anthropogenic rubbish finds its way into our coastal and marine environment. Much of this rubbish does not biodegrade, or simply breaks down into smaller pieces that end up in the food chain, affecting marine life, and even humans. The rubbish that ends up in our oceans can be responsible for thousands of marine animal and sea bird deaths every year, through entanglement or ingestion. Our oceans are not rubbish dumps for our waste, however it continues to happen everyday. Together, we can make a difference to make a cleaner, healthy ocean. Join our coastal events, help raise awareness about marine pollution, and be part of the change.

Do you want to organise a coastal clean-up?

If you are interested in starting a clean-up event in your area, talk to your friends, family, local city council, and other local groups for support and advice. OSOF can also help out with tips on organising successful clean-up events in your area.

No Butts™

Contact us to organise a No Butts Cleanup in your area. We can provide you with advice and direct you to resources to carry out effective cleanups in your area of focus.

Visit the No Butts information page to find out how to register.

Adopt-a-Coast (Not currently available)

By “adopting a coast”, you take the responsibility of visiting your chosen beach regularly throughout the year. During your visit, you carry out a clean-up where you collect trash along the coast, and record data on the types of trash collected. Recorded data can then be entered on the Adopt-a-Coast Web Application where you can keep track of your clean-ups or join other clean-ups, and earn achievement medals.

Visit the Adopt-a-Coast information page to find out how to register.


Download a Waste Audit Data Sheet to record information on what is found during your clean-up and upload it to the Adopt-a-Coast Web Application.