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Noel Jhinku

Noel has an academic background in the biomedical and marine sciences. He is passionate about the marine environment and founded the OSOF initiative in 2011, prompted by a lifelong interest and love of the ocean. Noel can be found exploring the Otago coastline in his spare time, contributing to community initiatives, and mentoring the wider OSOF team.

Active: 2011 – present

“Nothing is missing from my life when I have the ocean by my side.”


George Connolly

George works in the higher education sector and has experience in the governance of not-for-profit organisations at a local, national, and international level. At an OSOF event, his interest in marine conservation was sparked, inspired by the work of OSOF volunteers. George has been lucky enough to live next to beautiful marine environments his whole life. He wants to make sure that future generations get to enjoy them too.

Active: 2020 – present


Megan Blakie

Megan has a background in communications for the not-for-profit sector and experience in local and central government. A trained journalist and a history grad, her love of the sea was nurtured during childhood when her dad took her and her brother out fishing aboard a clinker dingy on Banks Peninsula. She’s now clocked up thousands of nautical miles in her yacht along the NZ coast and offshore. She remains amazed at the diversity and beauty of marine and beach environments.

Active: 2020 – present


Maarten Magielse

Maarten is studying and teaching in business while exploring land, sky and sea. After moving to New Zealand and being bewildered by its natural beauty he realised how important it is that many others can experience it in the same way he did. Growing up next to the Dutch North Sea, he built a strong relationship with the sea and its inhabitants at a young age. He loves to hear the sound of the waves when waking up, or in the background when he is listening to psychedelic rock or ambient music.

Active: 2020 – present


Hannah Checkley

Hannah is a commercial lawyer in Te Whanganui-a-Tara. Her interest in marine conservation and plastic-free living was sparked by a series of zero waste events and by her love of the ocean and its ecosystems. Inspired by her network of community-driven friends, she has pivoted from advising very large overseas corporations on multi-million dollar transactions to a commercial role where she’ll be predominantly advising charities, not-for-profit organisations and social enterprises. In her spare time she can be found running some of Wellington’s epic trails, practising yoga or getting involved in community initiatives.

Active: 2020 – present


Will Meadows

Will is a design strategist, field researcher and facilitator, focused on public health and ecosystem resilience challenges. He has a background as an Explorer with National Geographic and has conducted field studies in 50+ countries and studied at Stanford University’s Institute of Design. He currently is the Portfolio Manager for Customer Centred Design and Customer Advisory Panels at ACC. When away from the screen, Will is a blues drummer and decent country cook.

Active: 2020 – present

Will bio photo

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As part of the OSOF Trust Board, you will assist in the strategic development of the OSOF Charitable Trust, ensuring services offered are compatible with the mission and objectives of the organisation, and that these are responsive and relevant to the needs of the wider community.

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