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Noel Jhinku

Noel has an academic background in the biomedical and marine sciences, and has experience in operational and project management. He is passionate about the marine environment and has been involved in the OSOF initiative since 2011, prompted by a lifelong interest and love of the ocean. Noel can be found exploring the coastline in his spare time, contributing to community initiatives, and mentoring the wider OSOF team.

Active: 2011 – present


George Connolly

George works in the higher education sector and has experience in the governance of not-for-profit organisations at a local, national, and international level. At an OSOF event, his interest in marine conservation was sparked, inspired by the work of OSOF volunteers. George has been lucky enough to live next to beautiful marine environments his whole life. He wants to make sure that future generations get to enjoy them too.

Active: 2020 – present


Jane Barron

Jane dreams of growing old by the ocean and happily spending days walking the shore. This drives a passion for ensuring our oceans are clean, beautiful and full of marine life so that by the time she is old, it will be the happy place she imagines. Jane is a marketing communication and strategy professional with a career in corporates and SME’s spanning two decades.

Active: 2021 – present

Jane Barron

Janice Huang

Janice is passionate about marine conservation and sustainability. She currently works in the eco-tourism industry and help with education programmes. Janice enjoys tramping, surfing and loves reading. She has a degree in Zoology and Marine Science from Otago University. She believes that we are instinctively equipped with the ability to care for nature, and the best way to practice this ability is to spend more time in nature and share this experience with others.

Active: 2021 – present


Trustee – Is this you?

As part of the OSOF Trust Board, you will assist in the strategic development of the OSOF Charitable Trust, ensuring services offered are compatible with the mission and objectives of the organisation, and that these are responsive and relevant to the needs of the wider community.

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