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Finley Duncan

Finley is a student studying Law at Te Herenga Waka with a passion for preserving aquatic ecosystems and reducing marine pollution. He is involved with a number of community groups aimed at creating a better world for the next generation while working on the ground level to make interpersonal improvements. In his spare time, Finley enjoys playing the piano, socialising with friends, and playing chess.

Trust Board Intern
Active: 2022 – present


Andrew Blewden

Andrew works with NZ organisations to help them transform to new ways of working, processes and systems; encouraging agility, flexibility and new thinking in the face of ever changing landscapes and challenges. He is passionate about our natural environment and believes that sustainable practices are an achievable goal for all people, communities and organisations alike. In his spare time he can be found surfing, tramping, taking photographs, and playing football with a bunch of guys who should have given up years ago. 

Active: 2022 – present

Andrew Photo

Myles Snaddon

Myles has a background in investment banking and corporate law. He has been involved with several not-for-profits and volunteer organisations. His interest in marine conservation was sparked through his studies where he learned about the work of OSOF and the successful campaigns it has carried out. Myles has a keen interest in how we use our resources and best protect our oceans and marine ecosystems for future generations.  

Active: 2022 – present


Janice Huang

Janice is passionate about marine conservation and sustainability. She currently works in the eco-tourism industry and help with education programmes. Janice enjoys tramping, surfing and loves reading. She has a degree in Zoology and Marine Science from Otago University. She believes that we are instinctively equipped with the ability to care for nature, and the best way to practice this ability is to spend more time in nature and share this experience with others.

Active: 2021 – present


Jo Bailey

Jo has extensive governance experience with profit and NGO entities. She is passionate about education with a career spanning 23 years across community, primary, secondary and tertiary sectors, with a Masters and PhD level  qualifications. Working with young people around the topic of sustainability and environmental protection is especially close to her heart. In her spare time, she is an avid yachtie, who loves diving, walking and exploring in the outdoors.

Active: 2022 – present

WIN_20210329_10_39_21_Pro (2)

Sam Marsh

 Wellington local, Sam’s passion for the environment began at a young age when he experienced the destruction that excessive tourism brought to the reefs in the Pacific Islands. This experience led him to undertake Environmental Sciences at University. After university he continued a career in relationship management and stakeholder engagement. Outside of OSOF he works full time for a successful New Zealand software company and is involved in his own tech startup.

Active: 2022 – present


Kristina Price

Kristina’s interest in protecting the environment was first sparked during her Sustainable Tourism Studies in England, learning of the damage being caused to our oceans. Now working in the finance sector, she is focused on educating people on how Sustainable Investing is the future and the positive impact it will be bring. In her spare time, she likes exploring the outdoors, playing drums and paddle boarding.

Active: 2022 – present

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Noel Jhinku

Noel has an academic background in the biomedical and marine sciences, and has experience in operational and project management. He is passionate about the marine environment and has been involved in the OSOF initiative since 2011, prompted by a lifelong interest and love of the ocean. Noel can be found exploring the coastline in his spare time, contributing to community initiatives, and mentoring the wider OSOF team.

Active: 2011 – present


Trustee – Is this you?

As part of the OSOF Trust Board, you will assist in the strategic and operational development of OSOF, ensuring services offered are compatible with the vision, mission and objectives of the organisation, and that these are responsive and relevant to the needs of the wider community.

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