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Our team are passionate about protecting New Zealand’s coastal and marine environment. Our members come from a diverse range of backgrounds and share a common goal; to engage and work with local communities, groups and governing agencies to take an active role in protecting the coastal and marine environment.

coordination team


Shalini Sanjeshni

Shalini has a postgraduate diploma in Environmental Science from the University of Auckland. She is passionate about creating a positive sustainability culture within our communities starting from the young generations. Shalini’s interests lies in photography, travelling and baking. Role: Regional Coordinator – Auckland Region.

Jane Gardiner

Jane has a Master’s in marine conservation and a BSc in marine biology and philosophy. She has a great respect for, and is fascinated by, the natural world, and wants do what she can to promote the preservation of marine ecosystems. In her spare time Jane loves to go on seabird research trips, hike through the bush and snorkel among the fishes. Role: Regional Coordinator – Hawke’s Bay Region.


Tasmin McCormack

Tasmin has a MSc in Environmental Management focused on fisheries and a BSC in Geography and Environmental Studies. As a keen fisher and diver she is passionate about making sure our marine environment is sustainably managed and maintained for future generations. Tasmin’s other interests include travel cooking and reading. Role: Regional Coordinator – Wellington Region.

Duncan Campbell

Duncan studies Ecology and Marine Science at the University of Otago. He is interested in the sustainability of marine ecosystems, and education of youth about their roles as kaitiakitanga of the oceans. Duncan enjoys exploring the Otago Peninsula, volunteering, and scuba diving in tropical reefs of his home country, Indonesia. Role: Regional Coordinator – Dunedin Region.


Marlene Youl

Marlene studied Zoology at Otago University with a minor in Marine Science. She passionate about environmental conservation and enjoys volunteering in the community to promote sustainable living. Her other hobbies include hiking, gardening and travelling. Role: Social Media Coordinator.

Lesl van der Voorn

Lesl has a background in communications and marketing. She is passionate about driving positive change for marine conservation through meaningful conversation and action, and endeavours to improve and enhance our future environmental ecosystems. Lesl enjoys wandering the coast, and exploring native bush. Role: Communications Advisor.


social media team


Emily Fenichel

Emily is currently working towards her Master of Sustainable Business at the University of Otago. She is passionate about environmental conservation and sustainable living. She hopes to inspire others to move towards plastic free, minimum waste living. Her hobbies include travelling, hiking, and spending time at the beach. Role: Social Media Admin

Claire Assailly

Claire has a postgraduate diploma in Environmental Science & Marine biology, from the University of La Rochelle (France). She is passionate about the ocean, and believes that we can all do better to protect it. From Europe to latin America and now Cceania, Claire loves scuba diving, surfing, and exploring adventures. Role: Social Media Admin


Janice Huang

Janice is passionate about wildlife conservation and sustainability, and currently works in the eco-tourism industry. She has a degree in Zoology and Marine Science from Otago University, and believes that we are instinctively equipped with the ability to care for nature, and the best way to practice this ability is to spend more time in nature. Janice enjoys tramping and the great outdoors in her spare time. Role: Social Media Admin

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Leadership Roles – Is this you?

As part of the OSOF core team, you will be responsible for leading and coordinating environmental education and conservation events, projects, and managing volunteers within your region.You will have a tertiary qualification/s in environmental management or science, with a knowledge of New Zealand environmental conservation issues and environment.

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Support Roles – Is this you?

As part of the OSOF support team, you will be helping our core members in various support roles based on your relevant experience. You will have a tertiary qualification/s or industry experience, with a knowledge of New Zealand environmental conservation issues and environment.

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