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Our Work

our brands

Our brands focus on raising awareness and encouraging discussion of current issues facing our oceans. We can utlise the power of social media to deliver current events, educational material, and other content to highlight a number of marine conservation topics. We also encourage partnerships with independent filmmakers and artists to produce short films, videos and other art to highlight and promote marine conservation and promote environmental education.

Our brands include More Marine Reserves™, Sustainable Seafood Now™, Plastic Free New Zealand™, and Climate Action Now™. These brands encompass some of the big issues facing our oceans, both locally and globally. The focus of these campaigns is to promote the value of establishing more marine protected areas in our oceans, the need to develop and improve sustainable fishing practices, to highlight the issues of anthropogenic pollution such as plastics that are threatening coastal and marine ecosystems, and to raise public awareness in New Zealand about the effects of global warming on our oceans including acidification, melting ice sheets and rising sea levels, and to particularly highlight the impacts of anthropogenic climate change on small island nations and coastal regions.

All our campaigns and collaborations are associated with, and fall under one or more of our overarching brands.

our campaigns

Our campaigns focus on engaging local communities in taking care of their coastal and marine environment. With initiatives such as coastal clean-up events, educational programmes, and the use of social media, we partner with local community groups and organisations to deliver core conservation values to the wider community. Our community engagement events are run on a regular basis throughout the year with the assistance of trained volunteers who have a background in science and education.

Our other campaigns also include making formal submissions on coastal and marine related policy consultations at a local and national level, and petitions. Making formal submissions and gives us the opportunity to influence policy decisions that can benefit our environment.


We encourage establishing partnerships with organisations that share our core values. Together, like-minded organisations can develop and work on collaborative projects to achieve unified goals for the benefit of our environment and community. Many of our activities are in support of, and in partnership with existing groups, and we welcome opportunities to collaborate on conservation and environmental education projects.