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Clean-up Kits


One of the biggest issues facing our oceans and coasts is pollution. An estimated 4.8 to 12.7 million metric tons of plastic entered the ocean in 2010 from people living within 50 kilometres of the coast in 192 countries. Plastic pollution has a direct effect on coastal and marine wildlife. Thousands of marine animals are killed each year as they mistake floating plastics for food or they become entangled in it.

A majority of the plastic in our oceans is so small that we can’t see it. Big pieces of plastic breaks down into smaller and smaller pieces until they become just the right size for things like plankton and other filter feeders to consume. Filter feeders include animals like cockles, pipi, and barnacles that are commonly found on our coast. Once plastic enters the food chain through the filter feeders, it works its way up the chain as larger animals eat the smaller ones.

We can all make a difference by reducing the amount of waste we produce each day, by recycling and reusing where possible, and by cleaning up our environment.

Clean-up Kits

We are all in the same boat, so if you are interested in starting regular clean-up events in your area, talk to your friends, family, local city council, and other local groups for support and advice.

OSOF can provide clean-up bags for community groups, schools, and other businesses and organisations planning to organise regular clean-up initiatives. We can also help with advice on organising successful clean-up events in your area, so get in touch with us.

Share your Events with us

Share your events and updates with us on social media or by email, we’d love to see your efforts to keep Aotearoa clean, tidy, and healthy. Tag #OurSeasOurFuture on your social media and we can show case your amazing work!


OSOF Brochure – Download our general information brochure to learn about how our organisation works with volunteers.
Community Clean-up Guidelines – Additional information to help you plan your clean-up events, including a volunteer sign-up sheet.
Waste Audit Data Sheet – A one page data collection sheet to help you record information on the types of waste found during a community clean-up.
Waste Conversion Table – A one page conversion table to help you convert estimated volume of trash to a weight value.