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Fishing Industry Spin on Maui Dolphin

A series of full page advertisements in the Dominion Post by Seafood NZ is suggestive of an industry throwing its weight and money behind a ‘lip service’ campaign to reassure the public of a sustainable industry. Science Advisor for Our Seas Our Future, Veronica Rotman, provides some feedback to these Seafood NZ advertisements..

Our Seas Our Future Joins Team Red

You can join our Team Red team by using your NZ Blood App, and adding yourself to the Our Seas Our Future Team Red under “My Profile”. Your donation count will then be counted with all the other members in our Team. It is that easy!

OSOF applauds School Climate Strike Success

Our Seas Our Future (OSOF) would like to congratulate those who participated in the School Strike for Climate which took place on Friday and involved tens of thousands of school students. As a non-profit charity organisation dedicated to raising awareness on environmental issues, this unprecedented call for political action by school students is seen as an important example of grassroots climate activism in the 21st century.

Mandatory single-use plastic bag ban the first bold step of many

Our Seas Our Future is pleased to see the Government take a stand to phase out single-use plastic bags in New Zealand. The move symbolises that the Ministry for the Environment has taken into account over 9300 submissions made by individuals, businesses and environmental advocacy groups to the Waste Free Future Consultation.

Eat Less Plastic

Clean, lean, protein. It gets our brain working and our fat burning. Readily available, fresh or frozen, live or dead, it’s undeniable that the demand for bony fish is higher than ever.

Māui’s Dolphin: Going, Going, Gone?

Clean, green New Zealand. With a dirty little secret. We are on track to becoming the first country in the world to cause the extinction of a marine dolphin. The smallest in the world – the Maui dolphin.

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