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OSOF responds to Climate Change Commission draft advice report


Our Seas Our Future (OSOF) welcomed the opportunity to comment on the Climate Change Commission’s (CCC) 2021 Draft Advice. As the CCC acknowledged in its report, Aotearoa is not doing enough to address the complex issues of climate change, particularly in terms of its international obligations. However, the report completely failed to mention the marine environment, and the impacts that climate change will have on our marine environment. 

OSOF supports the CCC’s statements about de-carbonising and reducing emissions, rather than relying on offsetting them, which places further burden on our future generations. Our central government must address climate change and establish strong and concise policies, while working alongside local government and communities to ensure just transitions. 

OSOF believes that it was a missed opportunity on the CCC’s behalf by not addressing the impacts climate change has on our marine environment. 

“Climate change is one of the greatest challenges facing humanity and ecosystems. Our ocean is resilient, however we are seeing our impacts challenge its limits. The ocean sustains our way of life in Aotearoa; the health of our ocean is intertwined with our future.” says Noel Jhinku, OSOF Trustee.

Our environmental issues are multifaceted and interwoven, and we need a holistic and cohesive strategy that includes freshwater, land, biodiversity, marine and climate. This report released by the CCC is a great start, but as the report showed, Aotearoa is not doing enough, and we have the technology and ability to do more. 

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