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Our Seas Our Future Welcomes Govt’s Plastic Plan Announcement

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Our Seas Our Future welcomes today’s Government’s announcement by Minister Sage of a plan to phase out more single-use and problem plastics to reduce waste and protect the environment.

Our Seas Our Future Founder, Noel Jhinku, says, “This is an encouraging signal by the current Government to address the growing waste problem in New Zealand. We have seen positive results from the ban on single-use plastic bags, and if this proposal is followed through, we will continue to see improvements in our environment.”

“It’s great to see a time frame proposed, however we would like to see many of these single-use items phased out before 2025, and will continue to encourage the transition away from the suggested single-use items to be implemented within a 3 year term.”

“As always, we will carry on campaigning to get the best outcome for our environment, both from a community focused approach, and through submissions on policy,” adds Jhinku. 

Our Seas Our Future carries out clean-up events across New Zealand, collectively diverting thousands of litres of trash away from the marine and coastal environments. Many of the single-use items collected during these events represent single-use plastic items, including straws, food and beverage containers, and other plastic items.  

“Over the initial lockdown period, many Kiwis proved they could do without single-use plastic items from takeaways and restaurants – given they were closed. Unfortunately at the same time, we’ve seen a surge in other discarded plastic items such as plastic gloves and face masks – which of course, are necessary to stay safe in the current environment,” says Lesl van der Voorn, OSOF spokesperson. 

“It’s really important we phase-out those single-use plastic items that have alternatives as soon as we can for better environmental outcomes, and our future health,” says van der Voorn. 

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